FCS follows a carefully planned selection process beginning with understanding the client’s requirements on Talent acquisition sourcing for the most suitable candidates who will both match the job and fit in with the goals of the organization.

Our services on offer are:

  • Advertised Appointments
  • Placement & Head Hunting Appointments
  • Advertising on Ideal Jobs website

Advertised Appointments (more suitable for position below Senior Management level)

  • Advertising
    • Study of the carder requirement of client
    • Designing of advertisement as per specifications.
    • Placing advertisements either directly from client or under FCS name, if client wishes to maintain confidentiality.
  • Applicant short-listing and screening
    • Receiving and processing applications.
    • Initial screening of applications based on criteria given by client.
    • Conducting short telephone interviews with potential candidates.
    • Conducting reference checks.
    • Forwarding shortlisted applications if client wishes to peruse same before preliminary interviews.
  • Applicant interviews
    • Contacting shortlisted candidates and arranging interviews preferably in batches
    • conducting preliminary interviews – with or without the representation of  client based on its discretion.
    • Preparation of marking schemes and applicant evaluations and conducting Assessment Tests. 
    • Forwarding final list to client.
    • Sending thank you letters to candidates not selected after preliminary interviews.
    • Coordinating with client and candidates subsequent to appointment to ensure satisfaction on both sides.

Placement & Head Hunting Appointments (more suitable for Senior Manager and above positions)

  • Providing CVs of qualified and experienced individuals for senior positions such as Accountants, Finance Managers, Financial Controllers, HR Managers, Administration Managers, Marketing Managers etc.