Doing Business in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has now become an attractive investment destination in terms of strategic geographical location and the higher growth of economy compared to other countries in the world.

Why should you do business in Sri Lanka?

  • Sri Lanka is now improving its position yearly in the index of doing business as a result of improving the time and resources to be used in starting business has become minimal such as approvals from authorities, procedures, setting up etc.
  • Sri Lanka is still the country which has higher value for money with regard to labor cost. Sri Lanka is also categorized as one of the best countries which have an intelligent and skilled labor force compared to its other Asian counterparts. The literacy rate is above 92% which is the highest in the region and higher English language skills among the skilled and unskilled workers compared to other Asian countries.
  • Legal frame work is very strong. English commercial law in business which will facilitate to safeguard the interest of the investor. Impartial and independent judiciary.